Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

Can you believe it.  It is January 2nd and I was out for a bike ride.  For more southern readers, you might not think this is a big deal.  But here in the northeast, our typical high is around 28 degF.  Kinda cold for cycling (though I will do it if the roads are dry).  But today, it was around 40 degF.  I just had to get out and enjoy the day.

The roads were wet.  It rained yesterday, and the snow was melting.  The roads were also covered in sand and mud.  The sky was grey.  I rode by the river.  It was still ice-covered.  The farm fields were mostly snow-free.  The snow-melt was flowing in the drainage ditches and gullies.  It is expected to cool off again, and the water will soon freeze.  It may be a while before we see water in its liquid form!

When I got back, I had to clean my bike.  It was very dirty.  I wiped it down and rinsed it off.

I look forward to my next ride.  Just waiting for the weather to cooperate.

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