Monday, January 24, 2011


Don't get me wrong.  I like the winter.  I like being outside, enjoying the snow, skiing, snowshoeing.  Heck, I even bicycle in the winter.

But when it get below 10 degF, it is too cold.

Yesterday at 4:30 PM (6 degF)

Yesterday at 9:30 PM (-2 degF)

Today at 7:30 AM (-18 degF ... YIKES!)

Today at 6:00 PM (-2 degF)

When I got home from work, the wife told me the cold water line in the kitchen had frozen.  The maintenance man was over and had it going after 30 minutes.  We probably need to let the water trickle all night!  Luckily, it will only get to -3 degF tonight!

Please stay warm and safe.  Watch out for those who might need our help.

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Simplifying in the South said...

Wow. You know me Uncle Tractor, those temperatures make me want to move even FURTHER south! Glad you can manage the cold like that, I'm running for the beach now. Stay warm!

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