Sunday, July 20, 2014

Once Started . . .

There is always a task that needs tending.  Some things need doing right away - a broken door knob, a leaky pipe, water the garden, shovel the snow.

Some things need doing, but not so fast.  Pull a few weeds, fix a loose board on the deck, paint some trim.

Our garage has two overhead doors.  One is an old wooden door.  It had some panels which had bowed and warped over time. I have been meaning to replace them, then I would have to paint the door, then the windows, then the trim . . .  Maybe I should put it off.

You can only look at things which need fixing for so long.  At some point it hits you and you just do it - you start to fix that which is broken.

I went to the hardware store, bought the bits, fixed the panels.

The old panels are in the trash bin.  Now it is on to painting . . .

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