Sunday, November 24, 2013


We had a bit of snow overnight and very cold temperatures.  The snow started as light, fluffy flakes.

We seem to be in a snow belt.  Bands of snow blow down from Lake Ontario.  We're not near the lake, but our town will get many inches of snow, but we can drive 5 miles south and it will be dry!

We awoke to a few inches.  Nothing too serious.  The snow was pretty.  It can get in the way and be a nuisance, but I always like watching it come down.

We had enough to plow (I actually like to mow my grass and plow my snow...).  We were going to visit my sister, so I had to clean up the driveway and walks.  It is easy work with the plow.

We drove an hour to my sister's place.  Not much snow, but the cold weather was really starting to ice-up the waterfalls in the area.  Nice!


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