Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Relaxing Weekend???

I had a three day weekend, and thought I would be able to putter around the workshop.  The garden beds are asleep, and there isn't much left to do in the yard.  I need to rake out the white garden and the shade garden, drop the mower deck on the tractor, put on the plow blade, and other small tasks.

However, we are now under the threat of Tropical Storm Sandy . . .

I had a few important errands to get done - drag the generator on the porch, fill the gas cans, put in a sump pump (I was going to do it in November), put away any loose items by the creek (in case it floods), etc..  I got them done.

Still, I had time to enjoy the weekend.  I raked some leaves to top off the compost bins.  I noted the tamaracks are changing.

The pots are put away - waiting for next year.

I did find time to work on a few projects in the workshop . . .

I made a tool rest for the 'new' old Niagara bench grinder . . .

Grinder without Tool Rest 

 Grinder with New Tool Rest

I had picked up a simple drop-leaf table a few weeks ago at an auction.  I was looking for a simple table for a fly-tying bench.  The slides for the drop leaves were hard to pull out as the leather handles were missing.  I glued / screwed new leather strips to the slides . . .

The new slides fit fine.  It is easy to pull on the leather straps to get the slides out . . .

 . . . and then you have two leaves for mounting vises.

I also cleaned up an old hand auger.  Sharpened the bit and gave it a fine coat of oil.

I have a few fruit cakes in the oven.  They will need to be dipped in liquor (I use Grand Marnier) and age for at least a month.

Yep, I has been a relaxing weekend!

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