Sunday, July 1, 2012


The warm (okay, I mean hot) weather has been great for the garden.  Everything is growing like crazy.

The turnip are going great!

Our basil are getting huge.  I've always had good luck with basil - they especially love the hot weather.

The green beans are climbing like crazy.  I can't wait for them to start flowering.  It will be soon!

The kale is really lush.  I harvested some last week (sausage, white beans and kale - yum!).

The tomatoes are really setting a lot of fruit.  Time to keep them well watered.  Most of our plants are Roma tomatoes.  I expect dozens of fruit per plant!

I did a little tilling / hoeing of the beds.  I dug up a small potato by accident (it was very tasty!).

We have been harvesting spinach for quite a while.  Everything is doing well.  If the carrots do well, then  I predict the year will be a huge success!

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