Sunday, February 19, 2012

Maybe I Need to Remodel My Barn

I spent the last week in China on business.  I was able to take in some sights, including the famed Terracotta Warriors, Tienanmen  Square and the Forbidden City.

While visiting the gate buildings and temples in the Forbidden City, I marveled at the detail of the structures.  The building were originally designed during the Ming Dynasty and were of wood construction with tile roofs.

Maybe I can redesign our gardens . . .

. . . or build a new ramp to the hay mow!

I could add some decoration to the gables . . .

. . . or paint the post and beam timbers.

I could add some decorative door hoods . . .

. . . or replace the door pulls and latches to the hay mow!

Maybe I should have put on a tile roof instead of a metal one?

What do you think?


Carole said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures!!!

nancy said...

no, not till we get the house done!

the wife.