Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Wintertime River Walk

We've had a warm winter so far, but the Otter is starting to ice up.  The river continues to run by the falls...

... but is starting to close in downstream.

I like walking by the water this time of year.  There were a few snowflakes in the air.  The birds were silent, and the river was quiet.

I stopped to look at some of the old brick buildings by the basin.  A few of the buildings used to be old warehouses.  They were converted to homes years ago.

I came across an old print that showed a number of buildings along the river by the basin back over 100 years ago when the steamships came up the Otter.  The brick buildings were in the print, but a number of other warehouses were there.  They are long-gone, but a few of their foundations still exist.

It amazes me how much things have changed over time...

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