Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Tale...

T’was the night before Christmas.
Pay heed to my yarn
About the strange happenings
Around my old Barn.

I went to the Barn
To check on things there
Hoping that all
Was tidy and square.

The rush of the water
In the rain-swollen creek.
Was all I could hear -
But then there’s a "squeak".

I went to the hay mow
To find it was still
Not a varmint about
In the cold winter chill.

The stables were empty
The barn was all dark
Not a chirp or a peep
Or a growl or a bark.

When rounding a corner
I was taken aback!
Someone had sharpened
My saws and my Axe!

To the workshop I went
And climbing the stair
To find someone had
Been cleaning in there!

And looking about 
I startled myself
Off in the corner
I saw a Barn Elf!

He scurried about
And kept cleaning the place
I couldn’t keep up
With his very quick pace.

He suddenly stopped
Once he was all done
He was smiling a lot
(I guess he had fun!)

He spun ‘round three times
And then pulled his beard
In the blink of an eye
He just disappeared!

I heard a faint noise
As I turned out the light.
"Peace be to all ,
Be safe, and Good Night!"

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