Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Snow

The nor'easter that went up the east coast yesterday and early this morning just left a slushy inch of snow with us.


I wanted to do some paddling in the snow.  The scenery would have been spectacular as there is still some color on the trees.

I set out anyway.  There was some snow on the boat -

but by the Otter there was no snow.

It was very peaceful, but the winds were from the north and cold.  Luckily, I had fleece on, dry-pants, neoprene socks, by paddling jacket, and PFD.  With my hood up and gloves on, I was fine.

The osprey have been gone for quite a while.  I would occasionally see some ducks. Off in the distance I would hear the the retort of guns from waterfowl hunter out on the lake.

I paddled into the 'Hidden Marsh'.  In the spring flood I could paddle to the far side.  Now I could only progress 1/4 of the way in.

I spooked a few of the late-season blue heron.

Sometimes I could just sit and take in the quiet!

I continued upstream,  The maritime museum had a few of their row boats down at a marina on the Otter.

I paddled up to the mouth of Dead Creek.  The water is much lower now than in the spring.  I could paddle under the bridge into Dead Creek.

There was a lone heron off in the distance.

I started back.  I had the wind in my face, but it was now around 40 degF.  I had seen a single cormorant earlier.  He was now working his way into the Hidden Marsh.

Six month ago I posted about a beaver lodge I had chanced upon. It was still active (you can tell as there are young, freshly-cut saplings and branches submerged near the lodge.  No signs of beaver!

I noticed a small channel behind the lodge.  It looks like the beaver have been busy keeping a channel open.  I decided to paddle into it to see where it went.

It meandered a short distance, and opened up into a broad marsh.

I came across another beaver lodge.  I also saw this one back in April when the river was flooded.

I headed back to the car.  It will be some time before the river freezes.  Then I'll have to be content sitting in my 'lodge' like the beavers, waiting for ice-out on the river.  Stay Warm!

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Holly Knott said...

The photo of the cloud reflections is a prize winner! And that is one HUGE beaver pond. Oh my.